Profile Apparel is a privately owned company specialising in the supply of corporate apparel and workwear. We will deliver a tailored uniform program that embraces your brand values, provides comfort for the wearer and a distribution model that provides peace of mind for your operations team.

Profile Apparel believes strongly in engaging each section of your team to ensure that all internal stakeholders are aligned when determining the uniform program. A successful uniform will reflect your brand image and values, be comfortable and safe for the environment in which it is worn and offer value for money. The uniform program will include simple, user-friendly ordering processes, timely delivery, superior customer service and useful management information.

We are viewed as a trusted supply partner who provides solutions in all aspects of uniform supply:

  • Design
  • Sourcing
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Management Information


  • Client Service
  • Diligence
  • Quality
  • Promises Made Promises Kept

We work diligently to ensure all your key stakeholders are satisfied with their uniform program.


KYLE WILLIAMS has been working with Profile Apparel for nearly 20 years and has an intimate working knowledge of all aspects of the business. His current role is as Key Account Manager liaising directly with major clients to ensure all relevant KPIs are achieved. As the business owner and key account manager Kyle is in the unique position to be able to provide immediate answers and solutions.

MIKE WILLIAMS is the Company Chairman. He has over 50 years' experience in the clothing industry including product design, fabric sourcing, managing 100+ machinists in his own factory, warehousing and distributing. This vast experience and understanding of the clothing industry provides insightful advice based on knowledge hard earned.

TIM CAMILLER has been with Profile Apparel for 5 years in his role as General Manager. Tim is a qualified accountant and brings significant breadth of business management experience and expertise from his 7 years at KPMG and 15 years in CFO and CEO roles.